Shane Clifford Goalie School, offers a variety of summer ice hockey goalie camps to suit every age, skill level and budget.  From new to intermediate to older more, seasoned goalies, Shane offers great programs specifically designed to meet the needs of the greater youth goaltending community.

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Ice Hockey Goalie Day Camps


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Shane’s hockey goalie day camps are offered from 9am to 3pm at four separate locations during four separate weeks in the Pittsburgh, PA area (Cranberry, PA; Harmarville, PA; Delmont, PA; and Bethel Park, PA), and provide a week long daily experience for goalies of all ages, genders and skill levels.

Goalies On Ice-3 Hours Each Day

Ice Hockey Goalies On IceEach Day includes three hours of on ice training focusing on all the necessary skills and drills to maximize each goalie’s time on the ice.

Shane breaks his on ice sessions into stations where individual techniques are practiced using highly effective drills with a 3 to 1 goalie to instructor ratio totally overseen by Shane Clifford who is there all day every day.

goalie stance, movement and shot preparation techniques and drills provide the foundation for each goalie’s butterfly and recovery, loading position and mobility work while down.

All these techniques are taught and reinforced each day and at each goaltender on ice session.

Goalies Off Ice-1 Hour Each Day

Hockey Camp Off Ice InstructionTo complement and supplement the three hours of daily on ice sessions, Shane’s goalie camps also provide a daily one hour session of off ice training.

Focusing on core strength (abdominals and lower back); flexibility; lateral speed; quickness; explosiveness; and hand-eye coordination,

Shane’s camps emphasize a total body conditioning that goalies can use not only at summer camp but through the rest of the summer, preseason, regular season and postseason.

These important aspects of goaltending are taught with the use of equipment and concepts such as agility ladders; stretch bands; plyometrics; endurance drills; and stretching (both dynamic and static).

It is these essentials that keep a goalie sharp and in shape through the summer and on into the regular season.

Goalies Classroom Instruction-1 Hour Each Day

Goalie Camp Classroom InstructionNo summer hockey goalie camp would be complete without classroom instruction that enables Shane to “bring it all together”.

At Shane’s summer goalie camps, one hour is devoted daily to classroom instruction that builds off of and reinforces the concepts and techniques emphasized during the on ice sessions and off ice training.

With the use of video featuring today’s top goaltenders combined with Shane’s vast first-hand experience, the concepts of Angle; Square; Depth; Blocking and Reaction Tactics are broken down and illustrated in real game situations.

A session on equipment care and maintenance also provides valuable insight along with Shane’s motivational and mentoring style throughout the week at camp.



Summer Ice Hockey Elite Goalie Camp


Summer Ice Hockey Goalie Camps Elite

Shane’s Elite Residential Goalie Camp caters to the serious and dedicated goalie, aged 16 years and above playing AAA hockey, who wants to take his or her game to the next level.

Conducted in a pro-like atmosphere, the elite camp consists of two hours of on-ice training per day with a 3-1 student to instructor ratio taking the advanced goaltending concepts from the residential camp and adding post save rotation; loading; advanced rebound control; post save response; puck handling; and advanced game situations – all the techniques and concepts required to become a complete goalie.

One and one half hours per day of off ice training reinforces the total body conditioning concept and allows goalies to gain new insights and information on training techniques that can be used during both the regular season and off season in order to maximize injury-free peak performance.

Shane’s one hour per day of classroom training at the elite camp focuses on all the necessary goalie techniques and concepts while also encouraging open discussion on advanced game situations, injury prevention and nutrition.

Goalies are housed and supervised at a local hotel and will receive the “pro” treatment with daily laundry service and pro shop service.

Evenings are set aside for games and recreational activities such as movies, camp tournament games and for reconnecting with fellow goalies and goalie instructors with the emphasis on fun and camaraderie.